Celebrating July 4th: Me + Netflix Instant

I live in Nashville, TN and the weather for July 4th isn’t looking good for the Music City. A high of 75 sounds sublime. But the 80% chance of rain is, well, pretty messed up. Looks like those fireworks displays and cookouts will need to be on hold until the weekend… If we’re lucky.

Never fear. Netflix Instant is here!

True, rainy holidays can absolutely suck. But look on the bright side. This is a great chance to get caught up on favorite shows and start watching those movies on your bucket list.

Here are some recommendations of movies and TV shows to check out on Netflix Instant:

  • Captain America. It’s Independence Day after all. He’s a hero. He’s really cute. God bless America!
  • The Avengers. While we are on the Marvel super heroes theme, why not watch one of Netflix’s recent additions to the Instant lineup.
  • Thor. But before you watch The Avengers, check out this other Marvel goody to get the back story of two of The Avengers main characters.
  • Fringe. This Fox show recently ended its series run after five years. A great sci-fi show. Smartly written. Brilliantly acted. You can catch seasons 1-4 on Instant.
  • 24. If you have never watched this intense drama before, it’s okay. I forgive you. We can still be friends. But I urge you. It is your duty to start watching this show. All 8 seasons are on Instant. Start with season 1. Season 5 was the most intense. Overall this show was genius, addictive and deserved its iconic status. By the end you will fight the urge to yell “Damn it Chloe!”
  • Parks and Recreation. This show takes the mockumentary format and follows the park and recs department in Pawnee, IN. Amy Pohler stars in the show and every actor is perfectly cast. Even Ron Swanson’s mustache.
  • Super 8. I’m a fan of J. J. Abrams’ work and his film about young kids who witness an alien encounter while shooting their own movie is a mix of The Goonies meets Close Encounters. Nice option for the whole family.
  • The Walking Dead. What’s more American that watching a show about zombies? Seasons 1 and 2 are available on Instant.
  • Mission Impossible films 1-4. Hey, today is Tom Cruise’s birthday! I can think of no better gift that to watch Tom run from the bad guys in these films.

Happy watching! And I hope you have a very Happy 4th of July!