Trailer: Drive Hard Starring John Cusack and Thomas Jane

It’s hard to beat a good action movie. Or an action comedy. Especially if there are car chases involved. It looks like we’ll get all three in the upcoming film Drive Hard starring Thomas Jane and John Cusack which arrives in theaters October 3 but it is available On Demand now. In this film, Jane plays a former race car driver who is now a driving instructor and Cusack plays a bank robber who forces Jane to be his getaway driver.

Wait a second…Have you seen the movie Drive starring Ryan Gosling? In that film Gosling plays a former race car driver who is now a stunt car driver who also happens to moonlight as a getaway driver for thieves. If you haven’t seen that film, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND WATCH THAT FILM!! Here is the trailer for Drive

And then we also had the movie Drive Angry starring Nicolas Cage about a man seeking vengeance against the men who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter. 

So Drive, Drive Angry, and now Drive Hard. May I suggest Hollywood make a movie called Drive Slow? Feel free to write your own jokes for what the film can be about. Maybe a morning commute gone horribly wrong. Hmmmm… actually that could work.

That film can be followed by the sequel Drive Slow 2: No Turn Signal.




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