Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

The announcement today of Joan Rivers’ passing away caught me by surprise. Robin Williams then Lauren Bacall and now Joan. I don’t normally go with that whole “death comes in threes” thing, but…yeah.

Okay, back to Joan. She was definitely a legend in the entertainment industry. But I have to confess:

I wasn’t a huge fan.

Nothing against Ms. Rivers. I was just normally turned off by her trademark snarky, crass humor. But in 2011 I watched a documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, which covered her career and offered an intimate look of her life at the time (filmed a few years ago when she was 75).

After watching this documentary, I had much more respect for her. It didn’t change my mind about her humor, but I gained a greater appreciation for her work ethic and what she experienced throughout her career. That’s one thing I love about documentaries: you are introduced to a new world or a different perspective on an issue or person you thought you knew everything about.

Piece of Work is available on Netflix Streaming. It’s definitely worth a viewing.




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