It’s Finally Autumn: Get Ready For a New Season in Life

Welcome Autumn

This week we are celebrating the return of autumn. Hooray! A return of cooler temps, changing leaves, and pumpkin flavored everything! This change of season reminds me that just as the weather changes seasons, our lives go through seasons too.

I have had many life seasons as I’m sure you have too. Seasons of joy and sorrow, happiness and sadness, success and overwhelming obstacles. But with each season I have been very glad that God has been by my side, guiding my steps during rough seasons and smooth ones too.

A couple of years ago I went through a really rough season with an ailing parent and my own job loss. Even when things were getting bad, I always kept my faith. There were many times when I said, “God, I don’t know where this is leading me, but I know that you are already there and also here with me to guide me as I move forward.” I meant it then and I still feel that way. I am in a good season season now, and I praise God for that, but I know that God will also be with me during future rough seasons.

Now, someone may say, “C’mon, if you have faith you shouldn’t think that you’ll be in rough seasons ever again.” It’s a myth that faith blocks out all bad seasons. Even Jesus said that we will have rough times in life. But faith means that I have something solid to lean on when those bad things happen. And bad things will happen. There are two days I don’t look forward to: the days when I lose both of my parents. Those will be bad days and I will definitely be leaning on my faith when those days come. I’ve had times when I didn’t know how I was going to pay my bills. I can celebrate in seasons of sorrow because I know that God will guide me through it. I’m not being flippant about that. I take comfort in knowing that God, who helped me back then, will help me today, tomorrow, and every day forevermore.

Happy Autumn everyone!




I Just Got Accepted… By Me

Louise Hay Quote

I’ve said it before and I don’t know why it is so acceptable for us- especially women- to be so down on ourselves. We beat ourselves up for things that we celebrate in others. Even if someone compliments us, we over-analyze or try to read way too much into someone’s kind words.

Why do we do that?

We each have insecurities. That is perfectly normal. We see some imperfections- real or imagined- and see those imperfections made perfect in someone else and ask, Why can’t I be like that?

Here’s an answer to that question: What if you weren’t meant to be made like that? Have you considered that? Okay, here is a better answer: If you were meant to be a different way, than you would be that way.

Each of us has been given special gifts and talents and unique qualities that make us, well, us. When you think about and accept the fact that there will never, ever be another person like you, it’s both humbling and remarkable.

The next time you start to say something bad about yourself, say something positive instead. 



Trailer: Drive Hard Starring John Cusack and Thomas Jane

It’s hard to beat a good action movie. Or an action comedy. Especially if there are car chases involved. It looks like we’ll get all three in the upcoming film Drive Hard starring Thomas Jane and John Cusack which arrives in theaters October 3 but it is available On Demand now. In this film, Jane plays a former race car driver who is now a driving instructor and Cusack plays a bank robber who forces Jane to be his getaway driver.

Wait a second…Have you seen the movie Drive starring Ryan Gosling? In that film Gosling plays a former race car driver who is now a stunt car driver who also happens to moonlight as a getaway driver for thieves. If you haven’t seen that film, STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND WATCH THAT FILM!! Here is the trailer for Drive

And then we also had the movie Drive Angry starring Nicolas Cage about a man seeking vengeance against the men who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter. 

So Drive, Drive Angry, and now Drive Hard. May I suggest Hollywood make a movie called Drive Slow? Feel free to write your own jokes for what the film can be about. Maybe a morning commute gone horribly wrong. Hmmmm… actually that could work.

That film can be followed by the sequel Drive Slow 2: No Turn Signal.



Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

The announcement today of Joan Rivers’ passing away caught me by surprise. Robin Williams then Lauren Bacall and now Joan. I don’t normally go with that whole “death comes in threes” thing, but…yeah.

Okay, back to Joan. She was definitely a legend in the entertainment industry. But I have to confess:

I wasn’t a huge fan.

Nothing against Ms. Rivers. I was just normally turned off by her trademark snarky, crass humor. But in 2011 I watched a documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, which covered her career and offered an intimate look of her life at the time (filmed a few years ago when she was 75).

After watching this documentary, I had much more respect for her. It didn’t change my mind about her humor, but I gained a greater appreciation for her work ethic and what she experienced throughout her career. That’s one thing I love about documentaries: you are introduced to a new world or a different perspective on an issue or person you thought you knew everything about.

Piece of Work is available on Netflix Streaming. It’s definitely worth a viewing.