Dealing With Doubting God

I believe that all Christians deal with doubting God at some point in their lives. The reasons are as varied as we are and the “doubt levels” can range from doubting God exists to doubting God will answer our prayers. Especially if someone has been praying for something for a long time or they are dealing with an illness or death.

God is compassionate and I think He understands our humanity. He knows that sometimes our faith will waver. That sometimes we will lose our footing and stand on wobbly faith.

This has happened to me before. Many times. Like, many times. But when that happens, I think back to how good God has been to me in the past. When He helped me during that financial crisis. When He was with me during those job interviews. When He guided me in making some difficult decisions.

When I remember how good God has been to me before, I am reassured that He will be good to me again. He will help me whenever I need it. Even when I don’t know I need it. That’s how good God is.




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