Dealing With Doubting God

I believe that all Christians deal with doubting God at some point in their lives. The reasons are as varied as we are and the “doubt levels” can range from doubting God exists to doubting God will answer our prayers. Especially if someone has been praying for something for a long time or they are dealing with an illness or death.

God is compassionate and I think He understands our humanity. He knows that sometimes our faith will waver. That sometimes we will lose our footing and stand on wobbly faith.

This has happened to me before. Many times. Like, many times. But when that happens, I think back to how good God has been to me in the past. When He helped me during that financial crisis. When He was with me during those job interviews. When He guided me in making some difficult decisions.

When I remember how good God has been to me before, I am reassured that He will be good to me again. He will help me whenever I need it. Even when I don’t know I need it. That’s how good God is.




Robin Williams’ Best Role?

The news of Robin Williams’ death today at the age of 63 was definitely a shocker. Williams was a great comedic talent, of course, but he also had some great dramatic roles in his repertoire.

My favorite Robin Williams film was One Hour Photo. In this film Williams played Seymour Parrish, an employee at a one hour photo lab. Seymour is a lonely man who lives through the pictures he develops. These pictures fill a void and he becomes obsessed with one particular young family. Through this family’s pictures he observes what he deems to be an injustice and takes it upon himself to right this wrong.

This is a dark film and I loved how it showed a different side of Williams’ acting talent. I don’t recall this film getting a lot of publicity when it first came out. This 2002 film came out one year before Lost In Translation, another film starring a traditionally comedic actor, Bill Murray, in a dramatic role. At times I’ve wondered if the timing was switched, if One Hour Photo had come out after Translation, if people would have been more open to seeing a comedic actor in a dramatic role. Nevertheless, Photo is a gem of a film and I highly recommend watching it.



Obsession: All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor

I have always been a big advocate for having a positive body image whether you are a size 2 or 22, hourglass or pear shaped. So when I came across the video for Meghan Trainor’s song, All About That Bass, I immediately fell in love!

This video combines a catchy beat with a really positive message (“Yeah, it’s pretty clear I ain’t no size 2, but I can shake it, shake it like I’m supposed to do.”) And let’s face it- if you are going to have a song stuck in your head, why not let it be a song that reinforces how awesome you really are!

Meghan is totally adorable and I love her voice. This is her first video and I can’t wait to hear more of her music. I also love the behind the scenes footage of the music video, which you can see below:

Remember my lovelies:
Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.



Don’t Feel Bad About Feeling Good About Yourself

Dont feel bad- roqberry

I’m not sure when self-deprecation and self-hate became the “norm”. And I’m not sure why we put up with it, especially among women. It has become acceptable- even preferable- for us to downplay our talents, our gifts, what makes us special and amazing. 

But why? Granted there is a line toward pride, narcissism, and ego that we shouldn’t cross. And there are many who do that. But remember the last time someone complimented you and you downplayed it? 

Oh this dress? Oh, it’s really old. I just decided to throw it on since everything else is dirty today. 

You like my hair? (Sigh and eyeroll). I really have a tough time with all of this. I’m thinking about changing it.

Or after a great presentation at work: Oh, I guess I did okay. I was really nervous. Could you tell my voice was shaking? And I was rushing. I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped.

We need to own up and accept what makes us special and amazing. God gave each of us talents and gifts that we are to share with the world. There is no need to downplay these amazing gifts. 

We need to stop feeling bad about feeling good about ourselves. It’s okay to feel good about your body, your hair, your smile, your work ethic, your skills, your talents. When you consider that there is and will only be one you- there is something amazing about that.

Don’t deprive the world of your awesomeness.