Review: Enraptured by Ruffian’s Rapture Collection


Birchbox recently selected some bloggers to review a new collection of nail lacquer from Ruffian and I was so pleased to be included in this lucky group! Ruffian is a New York-based fashion line that has recently added nail polish to its fashion empire. This line of polish is available exclusively thru Birchbox.

Oh, I guess full disclosure: I got this collection for free because I am a Birchblogger, a community of bloggers who get sneak peeks to upcoming products available at Birchbox, access to giveaways and products to review. I did not receive any compensation from Birchbox or Ruffian for this review and this review is my honest opinion about the products I received.

Okay, that’s out of the way. On with the fun stuff!

Birchbox sent me The Rapture Collection which includes a trio of metallic polishes: Ambrosia, a lovely, soft metallic lavender; Relic, a cool silvery taupe; and Rosary, a nice rose gold color that reminds me of a rosΓ© drink.

This was not my first time trying Ruffian- I had received two polishes in Birchboxes last fall: Hedge Fund, a nice, mossy green; and Fox Hunt, a pumpkiny orange color- both perfect fall colors. So I was thrilled to try these new colors!

My first impression is that I love, love, love the colors in The Rapture Collection! The first one that caught my eye was Ambrosia, but I decided to try Relic on my hands and Rosary on my toes.

If you are worried about trying metallic polish, let me assure you that these are not “scary” metallics. I work in a conservative office environment and have no worries about wearing these to work. As promised, the polish goes on pretty smoothly. I did two layers of polish on my manicure but only one on my toes, plus base coat and top coat.

My Relic manicure!

I really like the bottle design, especially the cap. The little knob is not only a stylish twist, it gives you a bit more control as you are applying the polish. Smart thinkers, those Ruffians!

Oh goodness! I forgot to mention that Birchbox also sent me a box of Ruffian Perfumed Nail Lacquer Remover Towelettes. And yes, they are perfumed with a light lily scent. Hands down, the best smelling nail polish remover I have ever experienced.

The wipes are sold in a box of 10 black towelettes, each individually wrapped. This is great for travel- after all, chipped nails can happen anywhere and who wants to deal with a bottle of polish remover away from home? Compared to other polish remover, they do a good job. I must say they were not as effective as the Sephora nail polish remover I’ve been using. But one towelette successfully removed polish from my pedicure and the subtle floral scent was a refreshing surprise.


Recently I have been having a love/hate relationship with nail polish. I love all of my colors but hate it when they chip after 24 hours. Ugh! So much work just to do it again later. I’ve written this review immediately after applying the polish and will give an update on how long it lasts before it chips.

Ruffian nail lacquer is available through Birchbox and cost $11 per color and The Rapture Collection retails for $26.50. The remover towelettes are sold for $12 for a box of 10.



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