Birchbox August 2014 Sneak Peek + Pick A Sample!

Oh, my goodness gracious, everyone! Birchbox just got a bit awesomer for August 2014!

They are expanding the Sample Choice option they launched in July (subscribers got to choose the color of one makeup sample). For the August box, subscribers can choose one of four samples to be included in their boxes. How cool is that?!?!

Here are the four items subscribers can choose from:

  • Noir’s Long-Wear Eyeliner in Forever Noir ( It goes on smoothly and its waterproof formula is perfect for these icky summer days.
  • Laura Geller Cool Lid Cream Eyeshadow in Silver Sands ( It has a sheer shimmer when worn alone or you can layer a powder eyeshadow over it. 
  • Modelco is an amazing Australian brand and their Shimmer Bronzing Powder ( is exclusive to Birchbox
  • Birchbox fave- theBalm’s Stainiac in Beauty Queen ( is a great gel that adds sheer color to both lips and cheeks.

Decisions, y’all. Decisions!

Okay, a couple of things to point out. Based on the video notes, I gather you will not be able to pick a different color of these products, so keep that in mind when picking your sample. Especially if you are considering the Laura Geller eyeshadow or Modelco bronzing powder. Also, you know how BB’s sneak peek videos often display both the full-size and the sample size? They did that here… except they didn’t show a sample size of the eyeliner. So one could assume that the eyeliner sample is actually a full-size.

I’m just applying some Encyclopedia Brown guessing on that. Birchbox has sent full-size products as the samples before. In fact, I’ve received two full-size eyeliners as “samples”. The Noir sample may really be a sample size, but go ahead and squeal with joy if it is indeed full-size!

Which sample are you going to pick? My first choice is theBalm’s Stainiac. I already have a full-size and a sample of this product, but I always like to have extras for emergencies, my desk drawer at work, or even to “share the product love” with a friend.

If you are a subscriber, make sure you keep an eye on your inbox for the email letting you know when you can pick your sample. The email should be going out on July 24!

If you are not a Birchbox subscriber, click here to subscribe for only $10 a month

Golly. And this is only part one of the August Sneak Peek. Can’t wait for part two!




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