Don’t Lean On Wobbly Faith

It’s happened to all of us: You go to a restaurant, take a seat at a table and.. hold up… is the table… wobbling? So you do what a lot of people do- you put one hand on each side of the table and do a little rocking back and forth. Yep. You’ve got yourself a wobbly table.

Well, now what? You could possibly move to another table but you decide to just stay put. But you know not to lean too much on it otherwise things can get weird and possibly messy.

This got me thinking about faith. As a Christian I know that while believing in God and having strong faith isn’t a guarantee that everything in life will go perfectly (in fact even Jesus said Christians will encounter hardships in our lives), I firmly believe that it is my faith that can and will see me through those difficult times.

I know this because it has. Everyone has experienced hardships. Mine has included job loss, fractured relationships, the stress of caring for a parent, financial problems. And every time, I can recognize when my faith gets wobbly and that I need to support it so that I can lean on it even more.

Things will happen that will not make sense. At times I think “Why?” is the most asked question in our world. Why do bad things happen. Why did my husband leave me? Why am I being picked on at school? Why is God letting these things happen? Look, I do not know why God allows bad things to happen. But what I do know is that sometimes we have to go through bad things in order to get to our desired destination. I know that sucks sometimes, but it can be true. Sometimes God can use your struggle to make you stronger. Sometimes God will use you as a living testimony to others.

Some people will argue “Well, if God is real, why does He let bad things happen?” The truth is I don’t know. I’m not going to give you some fluffy Hallmark-type answer. I just know that when I have encountered hardship, it is my faith that keeps me together. I don’t rely on my own strength because frankly my life would be a mess if I did. I have felt God’s love and the Holy Spirit’s presence and I would never, ever want to live without it.

So I lean on my faith in God. If my faith ever gets wobbly, I will remember what He has done for me in the past and I will lean on His promises and love. My faith may waver, but God’s love never does.



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