Why Tuesday Is the Worst Day of the Week

A while back I had a conversation about which day was the worst day of the week. After much scientific evidence and debate, we concluded that Tuesday was the worst. Why? It contributes the least to the week. Here is how that day stacks compared to the rest.

Sunday: church, football, brunch, all you can eat buffets, great TV like Mad Men and The Walking Dead

Monday: yeah it sucks, but it’s the beginning of the workweek, plus Monday night football

Wednesday: Humpday- the GEICO camel is happy about that

Thursday: the weekend is in sight! It’s like Friday Eve.

Friday: so cool it has a chain of restaurants named after it!

Saturday: dude, it’s freaking Saturday! Chill, laid back, end of the week, what’s-your-hurry-forget-your-worries kind of day

Which brings us back to Tuesday. What does it offer? Nothing. Not a darn thing. Okay, it is a common release day for new books, albums, and DVDs. And some places do two-for-Tuesdays or Taco Tuesdays. But seriously- that is almost a desperation on our part to add something to this otherwise bland day.

Poor Tuesday. The least significant and loved day of the week. Even bacon can’t save you.

Oh wait, maybe that would make it better. Because everything is better with bacon. Even a Tuesday.




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