Review: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray


I have long heard about how dry shampoo can give your hair a boost but have never tried one until recently. I received the Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray in the POPSUGAR Neiman Marcus Must Have Box and while I was excited to try it, I was also nervous. Let me explain.

I have chemically relaxed and colored hair. As a black female I have had some great and less than great (okay, horrible) experiences with hair products. The act of trying new shampoos and conditioners is always something I approach with extreme caution. A new product can strip my relaxer or color or make it frizzy and incredibly coarse and dry. So I often only try stuff recommended by my stylist or one that I am confident can work on African-American hair.

So dry shampoos have both fascinated and scared me. It’s an odd balance, I’ll admit. But who wants to risk having weeks of constant bad hair days all because I just had to try that shampoo/conditioner/gel/etc. Not this girl, nuh-uh!

The Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is described on Oribe’s site as an “invisible dry hair spray builds in incredible volume and sexy texture. Patented polymers absorb oil at the roots, leaving you with just-styled hair for days (and nights).” Sounds great, right? Okay, so I gave it a try one week after a recent relaxer and one day before I was planning to wash my hair. I figured any craziness that happened to my hair should only last a day.

I applied the product to the roots of my hair, as stated by the instructions. And Wham!– instant volume. What the what?!?! I was taken back. While I was aware of product being in my hair, it didn’t have a weird, icky, sticky texture.

Verdict: This is not a product I will be using daily or even weekly. But it is something I would use during the first week of my relaxer when my hair is at its thinnest and I feel that I need a boost of volume. I gotta say, this stuff really works!

The Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is available in 2.2 ounces for $21.50 or 8.5 ounces for $42. Visit the Oribe website to learn more about this texturizing spray and discover more of the Oribe product line.




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