A Tribute To Philip Seymour Hoffman

I was so devastated when I got the mobile alert about actor Philip Seymour Hoffman passing away today in NYC. He was definitely one of my favorite actors and his career has included a wonderful mix of indie and blockbuster films. But in everything he did, PSH displayed a level of talent that has been unmatched by most actors of his generation.

So upon hearing the news of his passing I immediately started thinking back to some of my favorite PSH roles. If I was going to run a memorial Philip Seymour Hoffman movie marathon, I would make sure these films were included in the lineup.

Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead

This dark drama starring PSH, Ethan Hawke and Albert Finney is about two brothers who arrange a robbery of their parent’s jewelry store that goes horribly wrong. The ending is brilliant, dark and incredibly twisted and I could not get enough of this movie.


This film starring Robert De Niro and PSH is a comedy/crime/drama about an ex-cop (De Niro) who takes singing lessons from a drag queen (Hoffman) after a stroke leaves him with speech problems.

Boogie Nights

This film about the 70s porn industry features a great cast, is directed by one of my favorite directors (Paul Thomas Anderson) and features PSH in a great supporting role. This clip showcases Hoffman’s range and ability to show such great vulnerability.


Another drama directed by Paul Thomas Anderson features another great cast (PSH, Julianne Moore, Tom Cruise, John C. Reilly, William H. Macy and many more). It’s one of those movies where there are multiple plot lines but all of the stories are connected. PSH plays a nurse trying to find the son of his patient.


This film is mainly about Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton’s characters- oh and those annoying tornados- but it’s easy to forget that PSH was in this film too. Love him as Dusty!

Pirate Radio

PSH stars alongside Bill Nighy, Nick Frost and Kenneth Branagh in this film based on a true story about a group of people who run an illegal radio station after the British government has banned rock and roll. Those crazy Brits!

Of course there are a million gazillion trillion other films PSH has been in, but these are my favorites.

Rest in peace Philip Seymour Hoffman. And thanks for the cinematic memories.




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