Happy Yumsday!

One thing I love about working in an office during the holiday season is all the yummy goodies that magically appear. Just like Santa in the night, edible treats show up in the conference room, kitchen, that always empty cubicle- basically wherever. It seems like I can pick up the faintest mumble of “There’s food in the conference room.” Even from 3 floors away.

Earlier today a coworker brought in a Cranberry Bliss Bar package from Starbucks. I was immediately mad at her and in love with her at the same time. So after very little debate we opened the package and several of us indulged in the holiday goodness.

I must say I’m surprised by our restraint. There is only 1 piece left. Doesn’t it look lonely? Like it’s wondering, “Hey, where did all of my friends go?” In our bellies, that’s where.

I know Wednesday is typically called “Humpday” but can I start a new rumor that this day also be dubbed “Yumsday”? A day for honoring all the delicious goodness that surrounds us throughout the week. And there is much goodness all around!

Shhh! You hear that? Sounds like the Accounting department just got doughnuts. If you’ll excuse me.

Happy Yumsday!



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