Available Now: Birchbox Snow Day Home Box

Photo: Congrats to Katrina S., the winner of our Limited Edition Home Box: Snow Day giveaway! Starting today you can get this exclusive box in the Birchbox Shop! From a luxe face mask and lip balm to cozy socks and board games, it's filled to the brim with all the essential supplies you need for the ultimate snow dayβ€”whether you're snowed in or just pretending. Get it here for $39 (a $105 value!): http://ow.ly/qAk8l

(Image from Birchbox’s Facebook Page)

Happy Snow Day everyone!

Yes, the Limited Edition Birchbox Snow Day Home Box is now available for purchase. It is selling for $39 but contains over $100 worth of merchandise.

I went ahead and ordered two of these boxes: one for myself and the other I will break up into smaller gifts for others. But I want to point out that if you have Birchbox Rewards points, you can apply these points to your purchase! I was able to do this and save a bit more money. Some of you may have enough points that you get the boxes for free. How awesome is that!

This is a great reminder to all Birchbox subscribers that it literally pays to leave reviews on the samples we get each month.

Click here to order your own boxes. And I do mean boxes plural. C’mon you know you want to order more than one!

Happy Shopping!




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