My Latest Addiction: Covet Fashion App


I enjoy playing games on my iPad and iPhone once in a while, especially when I need a mental break from the usual stresses of professional life. But I have recently downloaded an app that has become so addicting that it might rival my love for Pinterest and Instagram (which is huge!!!).

The Covet Fashion app allows you to play stylist as you create stylish looks from your own designer closet. It is insane! It’s been compared to the software program Cher used in the movie Clueless to plan her outfits (here is a snippet to refresh your memory).

The Covet app works in the same way: you enter fashion challenges, pick items from your wardrobe or go shopping with virtual cash to buy new pieces. You create a look you love- customizing the model’s skin tone, hair and makeup- and submit the look for each challenge. Covet users vote on looks submitted and if you get at least 4 stars you win a new piece for your wardrobe!

I’ve been playing for only 48 hours and have become so addicted to the app! It is fun creating looks for these challenges and the app is very easy to use. I have looked at other fashion apps and have never been impressed by them- they always seemed cheesy. But the kicker for me was that Covet has been endorsed by Ms. Rachel Zoe herself. Here is what she said about Covet:

Covet Fashion is a personalized styling experience that allows you to pick pieces from the best virtual closet. I think it has the potential to change the way people discover and interact with fashion.- Rachel Zoe

I agree with Rachel. In the short time that I’ve played in the app, I have been inspired to look at my real-life closet differently and match up items I didn’t think of before. I have also been inspired by looking at other Covet users’ looks when thinking of outfits I can wear in real life.

Oh, this may be the best part! You can actually shop, like shop-shop, from the Covet app! So if you see something you would love to own in real life, you click a button and are directed to the item’s page on a retailer’s or designer’s site and can buy it for your own… with real money, of course. Prices range from under $100 to well over $1,000. Also, I mentioned earlier that you can win virtual items for your closet if your look is rated 4-stars or higher. There are some challenges where the top rated look will win a real-life prize! Recent real prizes have included Rebecca Minkoff Perry Shorts and Hudson Signature Bootcut Jeans.

Okay, so maybe that’s really two best parts. But c’mon, I’m too excited to count right now!

Covet is available for free download in the Apple Store and can be played on iPad and iPhone. It will be coming to the Google Play store soon.

Download Covet today! I seriously hope you love it as much as I do. Users can share their Covet looks on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, as well as by email. I have created a Covet Fashion Board on my Pinterest profile and invite you to follow me there. Click here to follow my Covet Pinterest board. Once you download Covet and (ahem) love it, please share your looks too. I would love to see what looks you create.

And now, I’m heading back over to Covet. My closet needs me!



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