Birchbox Review: October 2013


October’s Birchbox theme was Beauty Buzz and products were devoted to award winners, celeb faves, up-and-comers and other products that the Birchbox team are buzzing about!


Bain de Terre Macadamia Oil Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner

I was bummed to get these products only because this is the second month I have received shampoo and conditioner from Birchbox. Which is frustrating considering my profile indicates I can live without these products.


Becca Radiant Skin Satin Finish Foundation

I am pleased that these sample shades are in my skin tone. I currently have a foundation I love using so I don’t plan to switch, but these will be fun to try anyway.


Evologie Stay Clear Cream

This moisturizer protects skin while balancing oil. Since I have oily skin I look forward to trying this. Full size is pricey though- $62 for 1 oz.


Chapstick Hydration Lock

This is the bonus item that all Birchbox subscribers received. I was excited about getting this sample after seeing the sneak peek video and am still pleased I got it. The sample also came with a $1 coupon off the Hydration Lock product.

Overall, I am pretty bummed out about the October box, mainly because I did not feel like I personally got a $10 value for the box. This is solely due to my feelings for receiving hair products as samples. Had I received other products for face or body I would have been much happier. Last month’s box also had shampoo and conditioner so I’m a bit let down to having this happen two times in a row.

However, I know that is the gamble with any sample program- sometimes you will love everything, a few things or only one thing. In no way am I at the point of ending my Birchbox subscription, though. I’ve adjusted my Birchbox profile to not reflect any hair types or products so hopefully this will improve my boxes. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed that November will be super awesome!!

I’ve seen some other reviews where people received products from Dermablend (love them), Dr. Drandt, Benefit and Liz Earle. So I am suffering from box envy really bad this month. I should probably stop watching these videos and reading other reviews, but I can’t help it! 🙂

Did you get the October Birchbox? If so, what were your favorite products and what samples did you wish you received instead?




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