Film to Watch: Spinning Plates

My love for documentaries is, um, well-documented (insert drum riff!). And I can tell a film releasing later this month is going to be added to my favorites list.

Spinning Plates gives viewers a firsthand look at restaurants. Everyone goes to restaurants. Some of us do it every day while others do it maybe once a month. Often our goal is simply to get good food (duh). But other times we want an experience. That experience could be an over-the-top culinary journey that we will talk about for years. Maybe it is that local restaurant that everyone goes to for Sunday brunch, where our fellow patrons are like an extended family. Maybe it is that little Italian restaurant that looks like a dive but offers the most authentic dishes this side of Italy.

Okay, now think about the driving force behind those experiences. The chefs. The owners. They don’t just serve food. They are helping to feed our souls. The upcoming documentary Spinning Plates goes behind the counter to show three stories of what it is like to run restaurants in America. While each restaurant is different, the stories are similar. It takes guts to open a restaurant. To open one’s doors and serve food. The passion that these restauranteurs show may change your mind about your favorite local restaurant. Or maybe you will be encouraged to break the cycle of visiting chain restaurants and visit more local ones.

Spinning Plates opens in limited release October 25.




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