Celebrate Doctober!

Yes you read that right. Doctober. I am a big fan of documentaries and think that October is as great a time as any to discover some great films that entertain while sharing a new perspective.

Here is a list of documentaries you can watch now on Netflix Streaming.

Word Wars This documentary follows four “word nerds” as they prepare for the national Scrabble championship tournament. No- it’s not as dry as you would think. The film perfectly balances the drama, humor and suspense found in any competitive environment. Triple word score!

Wish Me Away This documentary profiles country star Chely Wright as she struggles to hide her homosexuality while succeeding in the music industry.

Pressure Cooker I can not sing the praises of this film enough. Focusing on inner city Philadelphia high school students as they prepare to compete in a citywide cooking competition, this doc will make you cheer!

Mad Hot Ballroom Forget twerking. This doc centers on kids learning ballroom dancing. A joy to watch!

The Queen of Versailles A glimpse into one wealthy family whose fortune made in timeshares begins to crumble in 2008.

Exit Through The Gift Shop Graffiti artist Banksy has made news recently with his work in New York. Check out this 2010 documentary to learn more about the man.

This Film Is Not Yet Rated So how do movies get their ratings? This doc explains why- and why these ratings can be inconsistent and controversial.

Girl Model This raw doc centers on two people: a conflicted model scout- herself a former model- who recruits Russian girls to work in Japan, and a young model who is chosen to make the journey. You will not look at a fashion ad the same way ever again.

A Matter of Taste A delicious film about Paul Liebrandt, a brilliant chef whose haute cuisine and attitude pleases and skewers critics, restaurant owners and other chefs.

The Woman Who Wasn’t There How far will one woman go to convince everyone- even journalists- that she is a 9/11 survivor?

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work I have always kind of liked Joan, but after seeing this doc I gained more respect for this talented comedienne and host. 

Brooklyn Castle Brooklyn’s I.S. 318 is home to America’s best junior high chess team. This doc profiles the students and the challenges the school faces when budget cuts threaten the program.

I know there are even more great docs I left out. But these represent 12 of my favorites..

Happy Doctober!




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