Girls Don’t Play Trumpet

Earlier today my mother shared a conversation she had with another lady. The lady mentioned that her granddaughter, who currently plays clarinet in band, told her director that she wanted to learn trumpet and asked if she could make the switch. The director said no, that “Girls don’t play trumpet.”

Oh really? I was at first infuriated but then felt bad for this young girl. She may never know how great she could be on the trumpet. She may have become first chair, last chair or the greatest trumpet player EVER, but it is likely she will never know. And sadly neither will we.

This situation also makes me grateful for having family, friends and teachers who never, ever told me I could not do something because of my gender (or race for that matter). I know I’m blessed with this because too many girls (and women) are told that they can not do something simply because it- whatever “it” is- is something that girls simply do not do.

Greatness knows no gender. Telling a girl she can’t do something because of her gender runs the risk of depriving her of realizing her greatness. And it can also deprive the world of knowing that greatness. Without any support, her dreams and talent can fade away. So keep an eye and ear out for girls who say that they can’t do something because they are girls. Support them and help them discover how great they can really be!


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