Barr-Co. Reed Diffuser Review

One of the things I love about subscription boxes is the opportunity to discover new favorite things and try products I never would have tried on my own. The September Popsugar Must Have box included a Barr-Co. reed diffuser by K-Hall Designs. I have been curious about trying a reed diffuser for years but have always asked, “Do they really work?” I think my biggest hang up was in how they worked. Wooden reeds in oil that distribute fragrance into a room? Candles and room sprays I understand. But diffusers were one of those things I had my doubts about. Besides, in many fragrance lines diffusers tend to cost more than other products so I always deferred to candles or room sprays.

So I was excited to get the Reed-Co. diffuser in the September box. The beautifully packaged box contained a glass jar, 8 reeds and a container of oil. The scent simply labeled as “original scent” is a blend of milk, vanilla, vetiver and oatmeal. At first I was a little worried about a scent with vanilla, so I only poured a portion of the oil in the glass jar and used 4 reeds. Some vanilla based scents smell great to me while others can smell cheap and have an off-putting smell. But K. Hall Designs has found a perfect blend that is warm, cozy and, well, it smells like “home”.

20130922-174122.jpgThe diffuser costs $46 and can be purchased on the K. Hall Designs website and a few select online retailers. They have other scents like Johnny Apple Spice, Orange Amber and a curious one called Milk which is a blend of vanilla, coconut and cream (doesn’t that sound awesome?). Their oils are cosmetic-grade so they can even be applied as a personal body fragrance. I have not tried that yet, but will leave a review if I do!

Check out the full line of diffusers as well as K. Hall’s other products by visiting their website.




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