Subscription Boxes: Where Do We Go From Here?

We’re halfway through 2013 and I gotta tell you. This year seems to be the year subscription boxes have exploded on the scene.

I think this explosion has been a good thing. I love subscription boxes and the chance to sample new brands and products that I never would have discovered on my own. And to be honest, I’m dealing with a mild addiction to them. I’ve stopped myself at four subscriptions, but really want more. And more. And more! Reading the blog My Subscription Addiction doesn’t help either (love that site)!

But at times I wonder if we are reaching a saturation or tipping point with subscription boxes. It seems like there are boxes for almost everything. Beauty, shoes, pet supplies, baby products, clothes, organic food, bacon. Most of the boxes sound amazing. Some sound like duds. But there is a box for practically every niche market you can think of.

What happens when the market implodes? I say “when” because I can’t imagine most of the companies being around 10 years from now. At least not in their current forms. What if major manufacturers and suppliers decide it’s not in their best interest to work with these companies or decide that they want to create their own boxes instead (gasp!)? If that happens we could see the subscription numbers dwindle. We’re already seeing duplicates of samples showing up in multiple subscription boxes. Repetition can suck. If this increases, subscribers will start to choose the boxes they love the most and cancel the rest.

No matter how long this trend lasts, I am glad it is here. Let’s enjoy the boxes that are available to us and keep discovering new ones. From Birchbox to PopSugar. From Fancy to Wantable. I kind of want them all. I may need to devote a closet to store all of the awesomeness.




One thought on “Subscription Boxes: Where Do We Go From Here?

  1. Canada has already seen two HUGE boxes go out of business in the past few months. One, Glymm, took all of its subscribers with it. Glossybox Canada also went out of business, but I believe they refunded people’s money. Both companies handled the closing very poorly, by simple stopping communications with customers and not telling anyone what was going on.

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