Julep Online Warehouse Sale June 17 **UPDATED**

I love shopping for glamorous beauty items. But love it even more when I can buy things on a budget.

Julep is hosting an online warehouse sale Monday, June 17 starting at 6 am PST. Y’all- I am really excited about this! Today Julep hosted a sale at their Seattle warehouse. Polishes were going for $5 but then they lowered the prices again to $2 and $3. Seriously?!?! Since the polishes retail for $14.99, getting polishes for $5 or less is an amazing deal!

Head over to Julep’s Facebook page to RSVP for access to the sale. The sale kicks off at 6 am PST and lasts only 24 hours, so you’ve got to act fast.

Beauty meets budget. Brilliant.



UPDATE: The online sale has started a day early! Now you can wrap up the weekend with some great savings- and avoid having to squeeze in some online shopping before heading to work tomorrow! Click here to access the sale.


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