How Sephora and Its Customers Benefit from Birthday Marketing

My birthday is coming up in a week and as I celebrate another year I am looking forward to all the gifts I’ll receive. But not the gifts from family and friends- although those will be nice. I’m talking about the gifts that companies send to their loyal customers.

I know I’m letting my marketing freak flag fly on this one, but I totally geek out when I hear about the efforts marketers take to help a customer celebrate the big day. One of my favorite birthday programs is from Sephora. They already have a great Beauty Insiders loyalty program, offering deluxe samples of cosmetics and skin care plus special Insider-only events.

The birthday gifts have become something that Insiders look forward to every year. This year they are offering a duo gift pack from *Benefit* that contains miniatures of the top-selling mascara They’re Real! and the Watt’s Up! highlighter.

Sephora’s birthday gift is great for several reasons. First, one doesn’t have to purchase anything to get it, so you can relish in the feeling of it being a “gift”. Second, it contains A-list products that have received great reviews and are top-sellers. No knock-offs or low-quality products. Third, when you give something a customer is excited about, they will share that experience with others, and that enthusiasm can bring in new shoppers. Finally, obviously the goal is to have repeat customers. So when they give away a high-quality sample, this increases the chance of the customer coming back to buy the full-size product.

I am in love with Sephora’s Beauty Insider birthday program- both as a customer and as a marketer. What other birthday marketing programs do you enjoy?

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