DD Cream Review: Julep Maven June 2013

I am so excited about this month’s Julep Maven box! This month Julep has launched DD creams in all of their boxes. I have been curious about BB and CC creams so when Julep announced they were developing their own cream, I was thrilled!

So what’s the deal about BB, CC and DD creams?

I will confess that I have been confused about the difference between these types of creams. We already have tinted moisturizers. Do these new creams really have any benefits or are they just another clever product that cosmetic companies try to sell us?

BB creams are Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm creams. They fall in between tinted moisturizers and foundations, which make them perfect for summer.

CC creams have color correcting properties in addition to the benefits of BB creams. So if you are concerned about uneven skin tones, CC creams may be an option.

DD creams are the next evolution in creams and Julep is reportedly the first to make one. This Dynamic Do-All cream is marketed as the best of the BB and CC worlds. DD creams offer better coverage than BB creams and better benefits than CC creams. Julep’s lightweight cream offers SPF 25 protection and contains a damage-diminishing formula that provides a dewy, buildable coverage that moisturizes, primes and perfects your skin. It also claims to improve your skin over time.

Julep offered the DD cream as the bonus beauty product in the June box. I selected the Modern Beauty box which also included a small tube of matching concealer instead of the 2 additional bottles of nail color that often come in the monthly box.
The DD cream retails for $36 (Mavens can buy it for $28.80) and comes in four shades- light, medium, medium-dark and dark. The concealer regularly retails for $32 ($25.60 for Mavens) and comes in light, medium and dark. I selected dark for both and am pretty pleased with how both products match my skin tone. Plus considering that I got both products for $19.99, I felt I got a great deal.
I used both the concealer and cream today on top of my regular moisturizer. No additional powder, foundation or other makeup products. I really wanted to see how the product performed on its own. Will my skin get oily? Will the coverage last?

Well, I’ve got to say that so far I am happy with these products! My skin hasn’t felt oily or been shiny. This is a big deal for me as I naturally have oily skin and often have to use blotting tissues about four hours after first applying makeup. I felt that my skin had a nice healthy, dewy look- not oily at all! The color coverage has also been really good. It is a lighter coverage compared to my regular MAC foundation and is a nice option for summer, especially if I’m doing an outdoor activity.

Speaking of which, I did a one-hour Zumba workout wearing these products and it didn’t run or streak. Whoo-hoo! Also this product offers SPF 25 protection but I did not notice any annoying sunscreen smell. I have seen some unboxing videos of other Mavens who did notice a sunscreen smell. But I don’t know if this is more noticeable in the lighter shades or not.

June Maven boxes also included 3 pieces of Dolle’s salt water taffy in lime, chocolate and strawberry. Mmmm… These were pretty darn tasty!

All in all, I am pleased with my June box. I can’t say I will buy the cream and concealer when I run out, but it does encourage me to explore other BB and CC creams to see what else is out there.

If you also got the June box, I’m curious to know what you thought. You can also visit their website to learn more about their products or sign up to be a Maven member.

Until next time, stay beautiful!



One thought on “DD Cream Review: Julep Maven June 2013

  1. sounds cool. I actually skipped this box due to lack of money right now but your review makes me wish I didn’t skip!

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