Liked Iron Man 3? Check Out…

Like many people, I saw Iron Man 3 recently. And like a lot of people, I really enjoyed the film.

But as I watched the film, the banter and pace of the film seemed all too familiar. I was having a feeling of cinematic déjà vu. The closing credits listed Shane Black as the director. Hmmmm… where do I know that name? A quick glance at IMDB after the film showed Black’s credits to include writer for the Lethal Weapon films. But the movie that stuck out for me, that caused me to slap my forehead and yell “Of course!” was the film Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.

This 2005 comedy takes an old-school spin on noir detective films. Starring Robert Downey Jr. as Harry, a thief-accidentally-turned-actor who also accidentally stumbles on a murder. Val Kilmer co-stars as Perry, a detective who is hired to mentor Downey for his upcoming film role but ends up helping him solve this murder mystery.

This film has amazing playful banter and I love the little quirks throughout the film. Downey and Kilmer have great chemistry on screen and Black does an amazing job in his directorial debut. There are some parallels between the films: both feature Downey having a snarky narrative tone, both films take place around Christmas time. Michelle Monaghan also stars in this film, and her relationship with Downey- as a woman who simply will not put up with Downey’s $&%#- closely mirrors that of Gwyneth Paltrow’s in the Iron Man films.

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang is available thru Netflix DVD and is also playing on Cinemax this month. If you liked Iron Man 3 and would like to see more of Downey and Black’s work, it is worth a viewing!



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