Pasta Cacio E Pepe

I love to cook, but one thing that turns me off is a recipe that has a long list of ingredients. I tend to tune out once a recipe gets past 12 or 15 ingredients.

So when I came across a 5-ingredient recipe for a classic Italian comfort pasta dish, I was immediately intrigued.

Seriously, this is so easy to make it’s almost ridiculous. Pasta. Black pepper. Two cheeses. Olive oil. Done.

And it’s incredibly addictive. You’ve been warned.

Get the recipe here on Food Republic’s website.




My Rainy Day Cure

Lately I’ve noticed that whenever the weather is rainy or gloomy, I turn toward my lime green Lauren Ralph Lauren moccasins. They are kind of like my superhero power against bad weather. Zap! Ka-pow!!

At least they can be a bright spot in an otherwise gloomy day.


Julep Maven Subscription Box Review

I recently signed up for the Julep Maven subscription box service. Julep makes gorgeous, toxin-free nail polish that comes in an amazing array of colors. For only $19.99 month you get at least two gorgeous polishes and other beauty treats.

May’s theme was Set the Stage, with a 1920s jazzy vibe. After getting my initial introductory box, I was really excited to get this month’s selection!

There are four different types of boxes based on your Maven style profile. Boxes cost $19.99 a month and you are guaranteed at least $40 worth of products. I got the Bombshell box, which included two nail colors- Alice, a pale lilac shimmer, and Millie, a vintage indigo creme. As soon as I opened the box I could not wait to try out these colors!

This month’s boxes also included a trio of lipsticks: Tea for Two – Nude shimmer lip sheer; Satin Doll – Poppy lip sheer; and Lady in Red – Matte crimson lip color. These colors were great, but didn’t work well with my skin tone. But I might be able to do some blending to make them work.

Boxes also included a quartet of hair pins with pastel rosettes. These aren’t something I would normally pick for myself but they are still pretty cute.

All in all, I am very pleased with this box and am already excited to see what’s up for June! You can sign up to be a Julep Maven too by visiting their website. There are some promo codes out there for first-time subscribers to get their introductory box for only $4 (a penny plus $3.99 shipping). I used code JULEPVIP when I first signed up, but I’ve also seen the code FREEBOX posted on some sites as well. Any chance to get a deal is always a good thing!


Kiehl’s Cryste Marine Eye Firming Treatment

So I kind of have a serious crush on my eye cream right now. I know that sounds weird, but hear me out.

I used to poo-poo the idea of using eye creams. Mostly because as a young woman I thought I would have plenty of time to start using one before lines settled in. Also, if genetics played true to form, I wouldn’t have to worry about any lines until I reached my 60s. Still keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

But when an aesthetician told me during a facial that the skin around my eyes was dry, I took notice. Granted she could have been trying to sell the spa’s own cream, but I am all about trying to prevent any skin issues before they start.

After sampling different creams I got a sample of Kiehl’s Cryste Marine Firming Eye Treatment. Holy cow! This stuff was amazing! While I don’t have lines around my eyes, I can tell that the skin around my eyes is a more hydrated.

But possibly the best side effect for me is this: My eye lashes have almost doubled in length since I started using it! Whoa. Definitely wasn’t expecting that. None of the other eye creams had this effect on my lashes


Kiehl’s website states that the cream will “lift and firm eyes with unique marine extracts.”. A cool Kiehl’s fact of this cream is that the Criste Marine flower “is known for its unique ability to boost cell renewal for a supple skin effect.”

I just call it magic! I love this cream and plan to keep using it for years to come. You can pick up a jar yourself for only $40 at Kiehl’, at your local Kiehl’s store or at participating department stores. Cheaper than Botox, honey.



Delightful Dessert: Peanut Butter Dream Bar

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having lunch with my Dad in my hometown. Full disclosure: the town I grew up in (Tullahoma, TN) is pretty small- about 15,000 people. So most dining options center on chain restaurants you can find in almost any city or town. On this particular day we decided to do Ruby Tuesday.

It was definitely a great time to catch up. To talk to Dad about how much he is loving retirement (seriously, this guy LOVES not working full-time!) and also we talked about my job search. At the close of our meal we decided to order dessert and selected RT’s Peanut Butter Dream Bar. It is a 3-layer dessert with a layer of peanut butter mouse and caramel fudge on top of a chocolate crust. All crowned with chocolate drizzle and mini peanut butter cups.


Seriously. Holy crap this is sooooo good!

Generally chain desserts are nothing to be excited about. By this one ww pretty darn delicious. A perfect blend of sinful and…well, I guess I’ll leave it at deliciously sinful. This dessert is perfect for both peanut butter and chocolate lovers.

So if you make it over to Ruby Tuesday, make sure you save room for this dessert.


A New Season

Oh where to begin.

It has been like forever since I’ve written a post. Yeah a year, I know, but I hope to be a better blogger! But I’ve entered a new season in my life and I think it will help me- and maybe others- to document my journey.

Yesterday I lost my job at a great tech and engineering company. I was the Social Media Specialist, which was a new-ish position for the company. The company relies on federal, state and city government contracts for work. With the whole sequestration drama, a lot of federal agencies have had to cut back and not renew contracts. This impacted my job as the company I worked for lost a major contract which meant they have to cut positions.

It definitely sucks being forced to look for a new job, but I am relying on God to help me through this process and have faith that I will find a job soon. I do find comfort in that every job I’ve had has been better than the one before. So with that knowledge, I simply can not wait to see what God has in store!

I’ve been in marketing for over 10 years, spending the past 6 years focusing on online and social media marketing. I am simple beyond passionate about marketing and look forward to staying in this profession.

So today is a new day. A new season. As with any season, there will be sunny days and there will be rainy days. But every rainy day is followed by the sun.

Here’s to an abundance of sunny days!