Delightful Dessert: Peanut Butter Dream Bar

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having lunch with my Dad in my hometown. Full disclosure: the town I grew up in (Tullahoma, TN) is pretty small- about 15,000 people. So most dining options center on chain restaurants you can find in almost any city or town. On this particular day we decided to do Ruby Tuesday.

It was definitely a great time to catch up. To talk to Dad about how much he is loving retirement (seriously, this guy LOVES not working full-time!) and also we talked about my job search. At the close of our meal we decided to order dessert and selected RT’s Peanut Butter Dream Bar. It is a 3-layer dessert with a layer of peanut butter mouse and caramel fudge on top of a chocolate crust. All crowned with chocolate drizzle and mini peanut butter cups.


Seriously. Holy crap this is sooooo good!

Generally chain desserts are nothing to be excited about. By this one ww pretty darn delicious. A perfect blend of sinful and…well, I guess I’ll leave it at deliciously sinful. This dessert is perfect for both peanut butter and chocolate lovers.

So if you make it over to Ruby Tuesday, make sure you save room for this dessert.



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