A New Season

Oh where to begin.

It has been like forever since I’ve written a post. Yeah a year, I know, but I hope to be a better blogger! But I’ve entered a new season in my life and I think it will help me- and maybe others- to document my journey.

Yesterday I lost my job at a great tech and engineering company. I was the Social Media Specialist, which was a new-ish position for the company. The company relies on federal, state and city government contracts for work. With the whole sequestration drama, a lot of federal agencies have had to cut back and not renew contracts. This impacted my job as the company I worked for lost a major contract which meant they have to cut positions.

It definitely sucks being forced to look for a new job, but I am relying on God to help me through this process and have faith that I will find a job soon. I do find comfort in that every job I’ve had has been better than the one before. So with that knowledge, I simply can not wait to see what God has in store!

I’ve been in marketing for over 10 years, spending the past 6 years focusing on online and social media marketing. I am simple beyond passionate about marketing and look forward to staying in this profession.

So today is a new day. A new season. As with any season, there will be sunny days and there will be rainy days. But every rainy day is followed by the sun.

Here’s to an abundance of sunny days!



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