Digging Up Some Dirt


Growing up I was never one to do any gardening. For several reasons: it gets hot outside, there are bugs, and (eww!) worms. Plus having spent most of my adult life in apartments, I never had the space for gardening (yes- I know I could have done container gardening on my balconies, but that didn’t appeal to me back then). But when I bought my home in 2010 I wanted a space where I could plant my own garden.

I remember looking at my empty 18×26 courtyard and thinking “What the heck am I going to plant back here?” I was also convinced that my lack of a green thumb meant any plants were doomed to a quick death sentence. Abandon hope all plants who enter here, and all of that. But my mother assured me that gardening needn’t be rocket science- just find veggies you’d want to eat and flowers you’d want to look at and simply go for it.

So I did. After a lot of trial and error I discovered what plants would work well in my backyard and what to avoid. I also learned that I hate- no despise- digging with a shovel. After a few minuts I always convined myself that I really didn’t want that plant anyway. Plus there are spots in my backyard where after about 3 inches you reach gravel, so it’s kind of funny how many “half-holes” there are on my courtyard!

This year I expanded my garden to include more veggies, herbs, and flowers. I have a hydrangea plant that is doing great, two African Marigolds that I adore, 4 mum plants that will be amazing come fall, and much more. I am especially happy to watch my hot peppers and tomatoes start to come in. Should be a great harvest this year!

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