Doc Day Afternoon

Okay, I subconsciously made today’s visit to the Nashville Film Festival all about documentaries. First up was the delightful doc Hollywood to Dollywood about two gay twin brothers who travel across country with one goal: hand deliver the screenplay they wrote for their idol Dolly Parton to the icon herself. This film initially charmed me with its trailer and the film itself was quite amazing. Throughout the film you realize the brothers are not only on a journey to Tennessee but also on their own personal journey of coming out to their family. During the post-film Q&A one of the directors revealed that the doc will be available by DVD soon (hooray!). To learn more about this film visit

In a few moments I will be viewing Affair of the Heart, a doc about 80’s heartthrob Rick Springfield (yep- that Rick Springfield. I’m sure I’ll have Jessie’s Girl in my head by the end of the day. Later tonight the documentary Hip Hop Maestro will screen. I pre-screened it for the festival and am so glad it was added to the program! This film is about a musician who brilliantly redefines the hip hop genre. Loved this film and really encourage everyone to see it.

Okay, got to go. Rick Springfield is waiting for me.

See you at the box office!

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