Day 2- Nashville Film Festival

Whew! Just got home from watching three films during the 2nd day of the Nashville Film Festival. One doc and two dramas- a great way to kick off the weekend!

First up was Brooklyn Castle, a documentary about the nationally-ranked junior high chess team from I.S. 318 in Brooklyn. Sometimes you are fortunate enough to experience a film that will make you stand up and cheer. Brooklyn Castle was that movie for me. From the first frame you become involved with these kids and cheer them on through every practice and game. This film primarily is about the students on the chess team, but the film also highlights the struggles that all public schools face during budget cuts. In the end this is an amazing doc and one that everyone should see!

The second film was Ausente (Absent), a film about the relationship between a teen, Martin,  and his swim coach, Sebastian. But with a twist- this time the teen is pursuing the professor, even putting him in a compromising position in the pursuit. Martin does everything he can to invade Sebastian’s privacy, successfully lying his way into Sebastian’s home for an evening. What unfolds is an emotinal ride for Sebastian and the audience as well as you don’t know how far Martin will go in his pursuit.

My final film for the day was Sironia, directed by Brandon Dickerson and starring Wes Cunnningham as a talented musician with a broken career who feels resentment over not achieving his dreams. A great, yet somewhat predictable film with an amazing ensemble cast, great cinematography, and of course, a terrific soundtrack.

Well (yawn!) it is time to call it a day. But before I turn in maybe I can play a game of chess on my iPhone and listen to some Wes Cunningham music.

See you at the box office!


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